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When you want your laptop or computer repaired, you might want to look for a company that can provide you the budget friendly repairs that you need. You can have the one that can offer more affordable services and would be very convenient for your time and place. Being careful in choosing the center where you can have your laptop or computer repaired should be considered to make sure that your money would not be wasted and you can have your device fully functioning again. Make sure that when choosing a certain company you would get a reliable one that can handle the problem of your device and offers services that would be very affordable for your budget.

Why Choose a Reliable yet Budget- Friendly Service Center

It is important to choose a reliable service center for the repairs that you need for your device. You can get MDofPC’s Pittsburgh Laptop Notebook Repair Services to handle all your problems with your device at a price that would surely suit your budget. With these offers, you can make sure that the problem of your computer, may it be the hardware or software, would be repaired by the technicians of the company. You can have a list of the services that they offer so that you can easily get the service that is convenient for your time and effort.

Why Choose a Service Center near Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Laptop Notebook Repair Services offers budget-friendly services that you would surely love. They are only charging $50 per for small tasks and $100 flat rate for their regular labor services that may be needed by your device. This is without parts that need to be replaced. With the flat rate, parts such as replacing the motherboard and other parts of your computer would not be covered by the service. There would be a corresponding price for the replacement of parts and for other services that may be needed by your device.

Another service that the company offers is the $35 onsite travel that you may request from them. The service would also include an additional $50 per hour for the labor time that a technician may spend doing their service; a minimum of two hours is charged. The service that they offer onsite would be very convenient for you because it would save you time and effort looking for their service center and waiting for the service to be done. They offer their services within the vicinity of Pittsburgh and a distance of within 30 miles round trip away from their store.  A surcharge is added for locations beyond round trips of 30 miles.

The company is also known for providing laptop repairs for 20 years that makes them very reliable in fixing any problems of your device. Keep in mind that it is important to pick a company or service center that can effectively provide the repair services that you may need for your device. By doing so, you would not only get services from a reliable repair center, but you can also be assured that your device would be effectively fixed and you can have it completely functioning again.


All of our laptop & notebook service repairs done in our Pittsburgh shop have a 30 day warranty on the work unless otherwise stated. The used or refurbished parts have a 90 day warranty and the new parts have a 1 year warranty.

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