Custom built desktops

custom desktop

Nobody beats MDofPC when it comes to our gaming desktops. We blend the perfect combination of quality and value to distribute high-end gaming PCs while ensuring that you still get a bang for your buck. By offering a variety of gaming PCs MDofPC ensures that the desktop you want is the desktop you get.

Here at MDofPC, we understand that each gamer has different preferences which is why we value having choices.
For those who are on a budget, our custom MDofPC Configurators are fully optimized for gamers and are ranged at different prices to help our customer’s decision making, never making them choose between the perfect PC and emptying their wallet. We’ve recently updated our configurators to make it more user-friendly and offer more search parameters. Additionally we offer a range of top-line video cards such as the efficient AMD Radeon series or powerful Nvidia GeForce cards.
When it comes to casing, we provide a variety of cases, ranging from the In-Win 904 Plus Mid-Tower Gaming Case to the EVGA DG-8 Full Tower Gaming Case. Since we understand there’s no one gaming PC that acts as a one size fits all to every gamer’s preference, we also carry smaller, space-efficient options, evident through our line of small form factor (SFF) gaming PCs, all running on Intel Core Processors and tightly packed in our Syber Gaming Cases. We ensure that our customers are always in full control even before they touch their PC.

For those looking for the high-end gaming desktops, the Intel X99 and Intel Z170 based PCs we have to offer combine efficiency with luxury.
Running on the Intel i7 core processors from the most recent Skylake line coupled with our powerful Gigabyte Motherboards, the Intel X99 platform-based gaming PCs all come with top-of- the-line Nvidia GeForce Video Cards, ranging from the power the GTX 1060 has to offer, to the demolition that the GTX 1080. The high end DDR4 Quad Memory Channel installed in all PCs of this line is the reason why they rank among the top, truly creating a rift between this series and other gaming PCs.
If our customers want the perfect balance between power and size, our gaming PC line running on the Intel Z170 platforms offer just that. Intel Core Processors installed all around, this line of gaming PCs utilize the same variety of Nvidia GeForce video cards but offers a variety of sizes so that your gaming desktop is optimized to the whatever space you have in your home. For the gamers whose preference rise higher than the rest, MDofPC’s got you covered.